What's the Use? 

What is Use?

Use is… Your Own Open Social Information System (yoos.is)….  But for the English-speaking world, “use” is more logical than “yoos”.  So, “use” is born!

What’s the idea?

Well, preliminarily the idea is a sort of partitioned micro-blog.  That is, an open-channel communication tool – an ecosystem of your own making, highly versatile, dynamic, organized and intuitive.

What does this mean, exactly?

Okay…. Let’s call it a “tailored twittersphere” (for lack of a better analogy).  Although, not exactly, since it’s not really part of that platform.  Perhaps, like a planet in another solar system, which exhibits similar features…. We’ll flesh it out; but really, what do you want it to mean?  That’s the open source part….

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